Professional Services

  • We bring in FIRE (Foresight, Insight, Reach and Energy).

  • Foresight – SigmaT and partners have significant business and IT expertise to help your business develop and grow in the third largest economy in the world by PPP. You get an early start without significant investments.

  • Insight- We are committed to your success. We will help in market analysis, segmentation and represent your products and services for a mutually beneficial long term association.

  • Reach – The SigmaT team has multi-domain, multi function expertise to be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders at all levels. We use our own customer analytics platform to reach to the targeted audience efficiently and effectively.

  • Energy – We are committed to win and be associated with winners around the globe.

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Captive IT center / ODC set up and Management

If you are looking for consultancy or help in setting up your captive IT center or ODC.

Custom Development

Be it integration with existing system, add- on functionality development or end to end software development.

Marketing and CRM

Whether you are a new business or an established one, SigmaT and its partner ecosystem prides itself on delivering innovative solutions from surveys to data analysis.

Product Sales and Support

SigmaT is Open for partnership, franchisee or retainer based collaboration model where we can represent you in India to market, sell and service your products and services.

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Professional Services Skills

  • We can also help start- up the center, manage it for a period and transition it to your team based on a mutually agreed timeline.

  • Process mapping and gap analysis to development to Launch and support, SigmaT is capable of providing you with optimum solutions.

  • SigmaT’s Technical and operational expertise can help reduce the time to launch.

  • Lead generation, segmentation, customer acquisition and campaigns to deliver more value out of your marketing budget.