• SigmaT is your one stop solution provider for Front office, back-office, and non-core business activities that can enable you to focus on your core business. .

  • Our services with guaranteed service quality assurance wil assist you in achieving service excellence and positive customer experience .

  • We combine our proven IT and IT enabled services to provide you utmost in-business value and have rigorous capabilities in supporting any business process with varied complexities.

  • SigmaT can help you design, develop and manage your IT system at a reasonable cost .

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Startup Enablement

SigmaT can help you design, develop and manage your IT system at a reasonable cost on pure consultancy or in managed services model so you can focus on your core business activities.

IT Product Development

Our product development and system integration service can enable you to develop and implement new features.

Digital Transformation

We can be partner in modernizing your legacy IT for productivity. Partner with us to apply new technology to address your challenges and bring in new opportunities.

Audits and Process improvements

With significant business and IT knowledge, SigmaT team can audit your processes and tools to tighten controls and also to ensure the systems meet the business needs.

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IT Consulting Skills

  • One of the core objectives of SigmaT is to provide IT support to all those innovators and first generation entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to take the plunge.

  • Our ability and expertise in full stack development would reduce time for operational readiness.

  • IT can really transform your business, and SigmaT is right there to partner with you.

  • We can conduct software control review (SCRP) for your IT systems; module control review for business processes (MCRP) and also Forensic audits.