Analytics and Reporting

SigmaT is an expert in Enterprise level Analytics & Reporting, Statistical analysis and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. It’s personnel were involved in setting up global data marts, development of industry led statistical solutions, media planning and optimization algorithms, forensic data analysis, model developments, forecasting and social media analytics.

Interact with us and you would be sure of dealing with industry leading analytics team for your important analytics requirements.


Statistical Analysis

SigmaT personnel were involved in developing industry level statistical models, forecasting, segmentation and most of the statistical analysis.

They have also designed Media Planning algorithms and Genetic Algorithm based optimization,  Simulated Annealing based sampling etc.

Business Analytics

Dashboards, BI tools, Demand forecasting, optimization, routing, GIS based analytics, operational analytics & MIS​


Customer Analytics

Segmentation, Targeting, Life time value, Up-Sale, Cross-Sale

Web Analytics

Search Engine optimization, Page Views, Navigation, Pulling traffic, Conversions, Cross-Promotions​


Sales and Marketing Analytics

Market Classification, Market Segmentation, Customer Prediction, New product / concept evaluation, Market Basket analysis, Sales forecasting, Route optimization, Location Intelligence.

Data Visualisation and Reporting

SigmaT Data Services include data gathering (field surveys, web scraping, secondary sources), collation, cleansing, transformation, maintenance, updation, enhancement, MIS services, segmentation and Analytics. 

We provide a seamless platform to help you automate most of these processes and make the information available in an intuitive way for business decision making.

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